Who knew I was so predictable?

And sure enough, I was wide awake by 6:30. I have a friend who would say "that's just wrong!" And this morning I was inclined to agree with her.

I have a lot of questions this morning, such as:

  • Who is Eldridge Meholick and why does he still think spamming is a good idea?
  • What is it, exactly, that happens inside my brain that tells me cutting my own hair on a Friday night before leaving for a conference is a good idea? Like I have time to go have a professional to fix my mistake. Like I have an option.
  • Exactly how many pieces of clothing does a woman need to pack so she doesn't feel she's overdone it, but so she's left herself the feeling of freedom, knowing she has options and isn't limited by the choices she made two days ago in another state, in another climate?
  • Did that itty bitty little exercise session last night really leave my muscles feeling like this?
  • I need four days straight to organize my life, read all the articles I've bookmarked, shred a lot of old, piled up junk mail, make some great jewelry, learn two new programs, and sleep. Yea, that'd be about 8 days. But like you, I'll have to find ways to fit it in.
  • Need to finish that to-do list.
  • Pretty cool to be switching around the second load of laundry this early in the morning.
  • Oh how domestic and dull I sound this morning.
Better stop before I really do start to bore myself. My readers prolly left long ago. I'll try again a little later on.