The more I play with this site, the more I love it

It's amazing. Really and truly amazing! The infrastructure behind the scenes of this technology is glorious! It's possible that's just because I got no clue how he does it. Doesn't matter. This service is the answer to my unprayed prayers.

And like with most everything else in life, I learn by doing. And by teaching. Sometimes the friends who've asked me about the service don't realize, at first glance, how powerful it is. They ask me to show them. When I do, I inevitably discover something more.

Showed it to a colleague this week. A "real" techie. He said, eyes wide, surprised at each new page I showed him, "They won't need us anymore!" Of course he was joking. They'll need us because everybody doesn't think like we do. They might think it's cool, but okay, there's a lot of cool stuff. We'll still be the ones setting it up for them...changing the designs, realizing new ways of organizing, designing new graphics to complement the look of what we've gotten.

This morning I worked some more on this site. Hoping to make it more easily accessible. To make it make more sense to people who come to visit. It worked. Not only did I find new ways to categorize my pages, but I found new possibilities for future additions. And it's not even 10 o'clock yet!

Squarespace Rocks!