Leaving for Work on Time is Not an Option

Fridays. Love em. And you know something's wrong when you get up on time, feedthecatbrushyourteethmakethecoffeeshowerandwashyourhair then you start to move very, very slowly. I was in bed an hour early last night. Check. I slept well. Check. Awake before the alarm. Check. Clothes ready. Double check. Somehow, though, I'm not ready for the office.

This concerns me mostly because Stephanie and I are leaving at the way early hour we don't usually prefer on Sunday morning to fly to Minneapolis for a conference. Very excited. There's always so much to learn and experience. Plus, I've never been to Minneapolis. (Yes, I know it's cold. We have coats. And scarves. And gloves. We'll be fine. Really.) But that means many things have to be in order before departure. Like finishing some deadlines and ensuring that certain projects can be managed in case of emergency. Normal work stuff. And the throbbing in my head. I wouldn't say it's blinding, exactly. I can see enough to write. Actually I'm just sitting here trying to get my thoughts clear and figure out the best course. Writing things out often helps me do that. Lucky you, eh?

Check my appointments. Nothing until 1:30. Wondering if anybody in my deparment knows Kent invited me to join him for a web accessibility workshop at a seminar his department is attending? I'm going, naturally. I think Steph knows, but I don't recall making a point of letting the others know of my intention. Aside from that, I didn't make other appointments. So nobody will be waiting for me if I am not there at the usual time.

It's not about sick time. My time is fine. I easily worked 10-15 hours extra this week if I totaled the hours from home at night. (It helps when you really love what you do for a living and want to get better at it faster than you have before.) So my time is fine. But I still gotta' get certain things done before we leave. Okay. So I'll lie back down and close my eyes just for a little bit. (Interesting experiment...I type "the correct way" and so have closed my eyes for the past few lines to see if I can do it 'cause the head doesn't like it with the eyes open. It seems I can. Cool!)

Okay. Shall call. Taking care of me is important, too? Plus it's not like I can actually do anything much once I get there. No flourescent lights in my house. Hope I'm not forgetting anything this morning, that I should have remembered. Stop writing. Call. The place ran quite efficiently before you even worked there Missy. Say bye.