I really did like that skirt

And apparently it looked nice on me, too. Either that or my friends and colleagues were just surprised to find that I actually did have legs. Didn't wear a lot of skirts. And when I did, they were the long flowy type, not the shorter career type.

It's possible I'll wear it again. I've dropped a few pounds of late; maybe I'll drop a few more. But I won't be wearing it to the conference this week. Pity - I kind of thought I'd like to.

The thing about me is sometimes I pay waaay much attention to details. Like at work. Like when planning a huge big important thing. Like when I'm doing just about anything except for...well all the other stuff. Such as laundry. You'd think I could remember to read the care label by now. If I had, I'd have discovered that subtly textured fabric was made of wool. 100% of it. Although the lining is polyester. So not only will I now have to drop a size before I can wear it again, I'll have to have the lining altered, too.

Lessons learned? That's usually what it takes before I remember.

So let's go sort another load and see if we can't read the labels in this one first.