Not before 7, but close

Today started like the last one. Long work-week (more satisfying than last week's, admittedly,) and happy to be home for my weekend of personal defragging. And bill paying. And although I sat up until 1 - gabbing a friend's ear off until she nearly fell asleep and had to leave, then in here reading the day's personal email - it didn't matter. 7:30 came and my eyes opened. "Up and at 'em" as my Mom used to say. Maybe she still does; I haven't heard it in years.

This morning's curiosities took me to sites that offer sit-to-stand ergonomic desks. As much as I compute, this much sitting is just not natural. Aside from the almost certain to widen posterior region if I don't find a solution, it's just not healthy! In the olden days (this phrase makes me smile...I wonder if it's found in 14,0000 things to be happy about.?) people did stuff. Active stuff. Like plowing and kneading dough and hanging laundry outside on a know, STUFF. Yea, I get my history lessons from Little House on the Prairie - it's clear, isn't it? So unless I take a cue from Cindi (who started her own squarespace site yesterday and when she's ready I'll link ya' there) and start getting up for a 5a.m. run (ain't gonna' happen, Ladies and Gents,) I've got to find some alternatives.

Although I've found some delicious workstations this morning online, ranging from $400 to something like $2,500, none of those are in my budget. In a little while Jan's coming over and I think we're going to drive over to this great business fixture store. I haven't even been inside their big warehouse room. Every time I've been I've merely bought simple displays for my jewelry, which has been a great thing. But now I need to find some other options. Rachel and Bob tell me the prices are fab. And they should know...they're both working from home now and that requires a lot of changes to a typical home office setup. Set up. Not sure which is preferrable. Nor, frankly, why I take the time to comment on it.

Yesterday morning I fabricated this glorious design for an office setup that I build myself. Gotta' talk to my friend, Jerry, with whom I work, and who lives closer than my Daddy, with whom I also have to talk to, but with whom it takes more time to GET to so I can sit and share the plans and get his advice. I have a jig saw which will be necessary for the cutting of the top of the workspace surface(s) and I may suck it up and buy a circular one too. Or maybe I can just keep on mooching. Deik has a great saw but he's busy and I haven't seen him in ages. How rude to show up and say "Hey, how's it doing? Nice to see you. Wanna' cut a board for me?" Not cool. Althugh I should just call and say hi - hope he's doing great. MAN I do lose touch with people these days. So many people I haven't called in ages. If you're reading, pals, yea, I got the guilt. And I know I owe you phone calls...blah blah blah.

Started this ages ago and got caught up in some other stuff then forgot to finish. I'll let it go. More on this stuff a little later on.