More Squarespace Luv

I've been sitting here trying to remember exactly how it was that I "discovered" squarespace! Of course it seems a wholelottafolks done discovered this company. I look around and peek in through various online venues and it's popping up all over. But when did I start knowing about it??? Well, it was earlier in the year, I think... Can't remember when, though, but surely I'll figure it out. Not sure why it matters to me so much, exactly, but today it does.

Why I love the services provided by this company is fairly simple to uncover, if you just go visit their site. It seems to me they're already "doing all right" without my little commercial, but I've recently begun questioning whether or not I just might have a prostelitizing personality. Sad but prolly true. If I find something I love, it's a while before I can shut up about it. (Ask the Joy and Michelle of our childhood, with their "one track mind" gestures, holding fingers pointed away from the body, hands parallel, slowly moving forward.) And now it's squarespace.

The thing is, I've rather backed into this "techie" thing by accident. A now-officially-labeled-ADD-creative-type, my immediate fascination with the Internet, when I discovered it later than a lot of other people did, still isn't something I can quite get my brain around. I mean, I make pottery! I like to sit at a wheel for hours and mold a ball of dirt into something you can use, admire, and generally fall in love with. And if you don't drop it on a tile floor or into your porcelain sink, it'll last for forty eleven thousand years. There's also photography, jewelry making, and all kinds of "hold-stuff-in-your-hands-and-make-something-out-of-it" elements skipping in and out of my life. Computers came to me the hard way, and I can only think it's the creative potential I saw when "they" first showed me how ordinary people could learn to manipulate code and data and turn it into these fascinating images on the monitor in front of me.

There's certainly been some growth and improvement, but I'm the first to tell you my pages are simple and you'll find scads out there that put mine to shame. But I admire clean design, ease of navigation, simplicity, AND a sense of "that which is real" that is immediately evident when you spend a little bit of time reading the information on their site. The human element behind their offering is one of the most valuable components they have going for them. It has purpose, a goal, and the awareness you have that it's brought to you by real people. Even using templates and especially through the incorporation of CSS (finally, I'm starting to get my brain around how to comprehend this oh-so-necessary discovery,) they've managed to hold on to the often-missing element of authenticity.

Everything I fall in love with doesn't turn into a flash in the pan (gotta' look up the origin of that phrase one day.) Making jewelry still rocks and I don't see that going anywhere, (although I've had to take a break to get caught up on some hard-core organizing, planning, and otherwise important writing before I can start on the new designs sitting patiently by.) I still sketch designs of new lamps I'll be making one day "when there's more time," and I even painted a few canvases I'm rather proud of! I haven't gotten tired of making "stuff" and I can't see where I'll tire of sharing my newly discovered favorite web-tool with my friends, either. Since I'm already throwing cliches all over the place, here's one more for the kids at home. "It's what you've been waiting for." Really. Thanks to the folks at squarespace you can put together quite nice web content and still have time to actually live your exciting, full, oh-so-busy life. Bless them.