Surfing the net and studying - the A.D.D. way

Well now. It seems my site had a little glitch and I have now lost the nice long thing I just wrote for you. Hm. Breathe. It was looooong. Breathe again. In. Out..... release. :) Sigh.

I did save part of it in a document 'cause the phone kept ringing and I didn't want to lose it, but I forgot to save the whole thing before I cut it for the web. Sheesh. But here you are...

So the list of things I need to accomplish rolls on the floor and out the door rather much like Santa's Long List we've seen in all the pictures. So I sat down at the computer to read up on firing techniques for Raku beads and pendants. Which I'd like to learn to make. And PMC beads and pendants, also items I'm planning to learn to make. (PMC=Precious Metal Clay; Learn more about this amazing product at the PMC Guild's website, where I've been this morning, more than once.)

As of this writing, I have spent time on the website for Lapidary Journal, which gave me great links to the websites of jewelry designers I find intriguing, then on to a website of a company that sells magazines at discount ('cause if I'm gonna' buy it, you'd better believe I'm gonna' try and get a discount first.) They didn't have Art Jewelry Magazine, though, which I also want. May have to forgo the discount on that one. It's worth it, for sure. Next I surfed around three or four websites of other jewelry designers who have interesting and not so interesting work. I tend to find inspiration in most places, however, even in the work of designers whose work I would never want to emulate. Make sense? I mean, maybe they make ugly stuff but one tiny thing is cool and I can figure out how to make it work with my own designs. Mostly, though, I saw some really neat pieces.

Lesseeeeee. Then I realized the only way I'm going to ever be as good a jewelry designer as I'd like to be is to study more. Through recent conversations with friends and also a friendly acquaintance I ran into at an opening recently, I know of several workshops that I can choose from in order to become a Certified PMC Artist. Well, as it turns out, one of these three day workshops will be held in a few months in the same town where my parents live! How excellent is that! In fact, it'll be in a bead shop I've actually been to. Cindi, who lives in Atlanta, and I met downtown a couple of years ago the day after Thanksgiving meals with our families who still live in the same town we grew up in, and did a little shopping and eating of yummy Mexican food at this place we like to eat at but the name of which I can't remember. I was just really getting into beading then, and we were excited over finding the shop which had been recently purchased by a nice family who was so warm and helpful and welcoming. The whole family was there. Wonder how they are now? I guess I'll find out...

So I found websites for all these colleges and schools that teach jewelry design and if I hadn't lost the earlier blog you'd know all about 'em. But here's one way cool site. Of course I'd have to learn French if I went to school there. Another story altogether, what with my intimidation factor when it comes to foreign languages. But a recent thought of mine is that I should purchase some French CD's or DVD's and listen to them while I'm making jewelry because surely some of it would filter in. Maybe?

It's been a heavy phone ringing day, too, so really I'd best not continue to tell you all about the rest of my jumps on the old www express. But it was fun and now my brain is even more full of things I should and hope to be able to design and study this coming year. My friend, Dena, shared on her blog a very tidy, organized list of upcoming goals. I was mightily impressed. And inspired too. Until then, this blog entry will have to do.

Enjoy your own research experiences today. Surfing. Whatever.