The end of festivals...for now

After what turned out to be my fifth selling day at GTCC in less than two weeks, I'll have to say it was my best venue thus-far this year. Something about bringing your wares that some of your former co-workers have expressed much fondness for, to their very place of work so they could do a bit of holiday (and personal, it must be said,) shopping, seems to go over really well with this bunch.

You're not getting any complaints from me on this. It worked out really nicely and although I still have to admit that setting up and breaking down a table for a day's sale is not my favorite way to spend an hour or three, I am really glad I went. As with the previous days, I was able to see even more people I've lost touch with and had some great chats. Some folks even sat with me and contemplated what other things I could make if I had a hankerin' or some extra free time squeezed in there. The suggestions were broad and I won't get into them here...don't want to set myself up for possible failure if I decide not to try these items.

But I heard the stories of their children and their colleagues and their spouses and recalled why I enjoyed many working days there and also why I'm best off not working there (or at any organization of great size,) anymore.

Admittedly, one of the reasons is that I won't have to set an alarm tomorrow morning. I'll return to my slightly later beginning to the morning, and work just as hard and most likely later than the standard 5 o'clock cut-off time and be happy I'm here.

Even though I've finished the bulk of these festivals for this busy season, I'm already designing new pieces in my mind. Can't wait to get my hands back into the clay and start stringing the new beaded necklace designs I thought up today.

If it rains tonight and the temperature drops, my former co-workers might just get to go into the office a bit later than usual. It's not the responsible thing to wish for this to happen. It's rather elementary-school-ish, but oh I remember that feeling and wish it a little for them, nonetheless. Besides, icy roads that aren't cleared are really unsafe and so it's best if everyone just stays in bed for a while if that happens.