Anybody want to go to Vienna?

One of the reasons I put all my stuff in storage and moved in with my friend was that I wanted to have more freedom to travel. Since that time I've been to Atlanta and Toronto. My world traveler friends might think these aren't all that exciting locations, but I kinda' liked them. Give me time...I'm gearing up for more.

I have no idea if this one is going to happen for me or not...a lot of things would have to fall into place first. But check this out: this Eastern European Odyssey group is flying into Berlin, driving to Prague, then on to Vienna and then finally seeing a bit of Budapest before returning to the US. Can you imagine anything more exciting? Well of course you can but you have to admit it sounds pretty nifty. I think so, anyway.

I built the little tiny baby informational website for the folks who are coordinating the trip...the Odyssey, if you will. :) There's more to be done, but it's a fairly complete start so you can see it. It's designed around the poster that the award winning graphic designer, Cheryl, who works for GTCC where I also once worked, created for them. So really the concept was all put together for me. But it was fun to build, 'specially since I did so under the guidance of my former colleague and friend, Margot Horney who makes a bunch of other stuff too, particularly stained glass which I've tried and discovered to be rather a greater challenge than I'd anticipated. (No, I didn't think it would be's just that some things of a creative nature come rather easier to me than to some people. It wasn't. Trust me.)

Anyway, here I've been going on and on about this trip to Eastern Europe and haven't really given you much information about it. Check out and see for yourself. I would very much like to go. Looks like I'll have to make up my mind by, oh, sometime around my birthday. 6 weeks ought to be long enough to figure it out, right? I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, maybe I'll do some travel destination research and see what I can learn about that part of the world. Besides that my friend-since-childhood, Cindi's, father-in-law was born in Hungary and it'd be cool to see that place I've heard a few neat things about from them...