Another success

Actually I need to do a better job at monitoring my time at these things. Today I got there early and stayed later than necessary because some people couldn't be at the sale in time for closing. So I broke down my booth slowly. Which led to several more sales and an invitation to come back tomorrow. No kidding! Apparently there's an open vendor solicitation day twice a year at GTCC and they've added me to the list. Woo hoo!

And that's cool, being at the same place, because a couple of people asked me to make something that I was going to have to get to them at a later time, and now I can try and have it ready by tomorrow and not have to work out a special trip. Also someone asked me to hold something until he came back with $. Well, I didn't bother to tell him what time it was over and he perhaps didn't know. In the end, I'm expecting it'll be worth my while to go back another day. 

Tomorrow's rule: wear comfy shoes. Otherwise, I'm in good shape.

And oddly, I have a cat in my lap. That never, ever happens these days. Of course before my baby went on her extended vacation to my parents' house a few months ago, it happened all the time. But the kitties who live where I currently reside frankly don't "cotton to me" all that much. Which must be slipping away since Cinnamon just walked her little kitty butt in here and jumped up in my lap with no invitation at all, curled up into a nice WARM ball (it's still a little chilly in what was an empty - and therefore not very heated - house) and is purring all kinds of loud. It's nice but since my foot is going to sleep, I'm going to have to give her a little jolt. Don't worry...I'll be kind. I'd like to have this surprise again soon. Nothing like a cuddly kitty.