Hammering and shooting today

Earrings and photos, that is. Hammering copper for earrings and shooting photos, to be more specific. I was thrilled on Saturday to find the shipment of jewelry making supplies had arrived when I returned from the-sale-that-was-not. I ordered freshwater pearls, sterling wire, a bead reamer to make larger holes in difficult beads and pearls, and a ton of little copper pieces, precut in lovely shapes. And earring wires and jumprings.

These are all supplies

I was getting low on and need badly for my designs, particularly the hammered copper and silver earrings I'm making and selling with great success.

The photos must be taken because I have a lot of new pieces I want to show off. They're such fun and I need to have images of them on my website.

And I think it's time to do something with my mailing list that I've been gathering but neglecting. With the rain outside lulling me, I expect great progress since thankfully I don't have any meetings away from here. And the post office box might just have to wait. I have everything I need right here.