After the sale

Apparently I needed a lesson in humility. Maybe I was getting to complacent about these shows. Yesterday was a reminder of why I don't enjoy craft shows very much. It was a reminder of why I wish I were better about taking my work to galleries.

The people were lovely. Everyone made us feel welcome and there was laughter and music and cider and coffee and heaps to eat. But if it hadn't been for the handful of trades (I got a few Christmas presents out of it, and a scarf and some other accessories for myself!) yesterday would have been a total bust. I hate to say it this way but I'm glad it wasn't just me. That sounds horrid. I wish my friends had done well. It's just that I don't enjoy being the only one people aren't buying from.

When a sale goes as badly as this one did we often spend a whole lot of time overanalyzing the reasons, but really that's a waste of time. I do know that there were about four jillion other sales yesterday but I should have known that beforehand. If I did my research correctly...

At any rate, I'm going back out on Tuesday and Wednesday to set up at the GTCC Holiday Bazaar but my saving grace will be that I will have tons of jewelry-making supplies in hand and if ever I'm not conducting business with a customer, I'll be making more pieces. And soon you'll get to read about how I'm selling my work online and how it's now being carried in more shops and galleries.