Would you give an "imperfect" gift?

Never to imply that all my gifts are perfect, I'm curious about the idea of giving the kind of gift you've made and it's not turned out 100% the way you might have liked. Because you're still learning. I refer to, of course, a knitted scarf. I made two of them...short ones for lack of time, and abundance of impatience to move on to another kind of yarn after all...and gave them as gifts to my friends Leslie and Margot yesterday when we had our Christmas lunch.

My friend Jan admitted she would never give something she'd made if it weren't perfect. Typically, say in my jewelry designing, I'd tend to agree with her. I would only want to give something I think is way cool. I gave them the scarves 'cause they're way cool for other reasons. For reasons relating to the fact that they are my learning curve pieces. My first ones. I worked harder on them than future ones 'cause I still am trying to "get it." That's special, right? That's what I thought, anyway.

Lucky for me either my friends are fantabulous actors, or they really loved them. Loooooved them. Probably for the same reasons as I explained to you. And I think they did. It wasn't, in my mind, an act at all. Never mind the yarn was simple and not as soft as some. I can't work successfully with those yarns yet. Maybe soon...I'm trying even now...but I wasn't ready yet. And as I mentioned, they're short. But I'll always love those two little simple scarves.

I'd be curious to know what others think on the subject. Could you do it? My readers are also creative people. I know I'll get a variety of answers. Looking forward to it.