Attitude really does matter a lot

Imagine if you worked the counter at the post office and it was 4:52pm. Thursday between Christmas and New Year's Day. There are three of you and the outside door just keeps opening, another shocked, anxious person entering as soon as the next is securely in line. In my mind that's just about the worst imaginable afternoon at work. Maybe your out-of-town guests are still at home, waiting for you, or family members work in education and so they're waiting for you at home.

I was standing in that line today for about 23 minutes, and having experienced similar other waits in the post office line, I have to say a big kudos to the postal workers who kept their cool this afternoon while I waited with about 17 or so other local last minute arrivers. Sure, these guys wanted to leave. They occasionally let it show on their faces and they admitted it aloud once or twice. But they joked with us, with each other, sang along to the sometimes horrid radio selections on the speaker...anything to just take the edge off.

And it very much took the edge off. I wish I could say with full confidence that I'll send a thank you note to the three postal dudes on West Market Street, but I probably won't. I know myself too well. But I'm telling you and reminding myself to keep MY cool, to stay upbeat and keep an attitude of "it's all good" whenever I can. It makes a difference. To me and to those around me. I mean, I left a line that long laughing... Good stuff.