Christmas Eve!

Hello Eddaboddy! (I used to be a nanny for a 3 year old who pronounced "everybody" that way and it melted my heart.) I hope my friend Dena isn't the only one who's sitting back and enjoying the festivities. I, for one, have a mighty list of things that must be done today and I'm trying to will myself well enough so I'll be allowed to help cook the meal tomorrow. It's not looking perfectly promising but 24 hours can make a difference. We'll just see.

Progress to report is nearly nil: Yesterday I indulged a way whole lot in doing nothing. I napped and read and tidied the tiniest bit in my room. Which left for me many, many tasks to finish today. To start today. This morning I sloooooowly nursed the coffee and got that ugly little scarf I'm trying to knit out to see if I had miraculously improved in the day I didn't pick up the needles. Alas, I suspect I've stayed exactly the same, but it's still something I'm enjoying a bit and I'm still too stubborn to give up on it. I'm gonna' knit a scarf and I defy even my own need for perfection to stop me. But I've put it down now...there's far too much to do, none of which allows me to indulge in creative endeavors.

If I pull it together in the next half hour like I intend to do, I'll shower, go return some things I need to a couple of different stores before THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS which will be the smartest avoidance I can pull off this whole year, then grab a whole pile of stuff from my storage unit. That's hopefully a quick run around town before I then return here to do some cleaning before family arrives tomorrow. Never mind sometime I'm to wrap a whole pile o' presents that still haven't been removed from their bags. I'm thinking Dena's onto something... But it could be an inherent trait I have no genetic disposition toward and I'll have to merely live vicariously through her. Maybe another year I'll try it. Hm. I'm sure I've said that before.

Meanwhile, I hope my pals and readers who stumbled on my site are feeling warm and cozy and loved and that all is exactly the way you wish it to be.

Merry Christmas!