So much for "ain't no big deal"

Not too many days ago I wrote about how in spite of all that whirls around me, I'm still not letting it get to me. Hmph. Who has the last laugh now? I've joined the others. Having a cold eventually will get me down and so I guess it's inevitable. But I'm frustrated with the fact that having to "take it easy" moves me off my game, business-wise. The only thing I'm doing that's remotely familiar in my schedule is keeping up my blog, and that's just because I have to feel something is normal. It's a good thing, too, because writing regularly keeps traffic coming to the site and since I imagine one day I won't have a cold, and i'll be photographing my jewelry and adding "buy it now" links, I need the traffic to come.

You'll even be proud to know that I made the adult decision to call and renig on my "I'll be there" acceptance to tonight's party invite. I really wanted to go but I'm lousy company and how would I feel if I gave this crud to any of my friends? Nah...better not go poop the party.

Meanwhile if you need any great, fun earrings or necklaces, give me a call. I've still got plenty and I'd love to rid myself of a few before the new year starts and I'm moving on to the new designs!

Now where's my blankie???