I always cave...eventually

Just about everybody I know knits. I never thought that would happen. Growing up it seemed like such an old lady thing to do. This week I saw a college student looking woman knitting in a cafe at the airport and I knew the trend has grown far beyond my childhood imaginings. The yarn options are just too delightful to stay away, I guess.

Tonight after far too many hours jumping from store to store for anyone with the kind of cold I have, I was helping my friend pick out yarn. She's been learning to knit and wants to start a new project. I've been finding other people to do my knitting for me, and I'm happy she'll one day be as speedy as the others...more cool stuff for me. And as an exceedingly creative woman who does pretty much anything she wants, I've held back from the urge to learn. It's just one more thing to take my time and attention from the other things I need to be doing.

I don't know how it happened. It was as if someone was controlling my arms, and my mouth. I was walking down the aisles, petting the pretty yarns, comparing their softness and colors, dreaming of a scarf of this or that blend. And suddenly I was holding a skein in my hand, had walked rapidly around the corner to where my friend was still deciding, and with my lip out further than any 36 year old woman's should ever be, whimpered a little bit. "I can't stand it. Everybody knows how to knit. But I don't. Will you please teach me? I have to know..." Her expression was priceless.

There's no promise that I'll be good at it. Mom tried to teach me to crochet last Christmas and although I made a couple of little scarf-esque things, they curled like a little fuzzy worm around my neck. My shame in not having learned that made me put the yarn away. It had a lot to do with available time to work on it and attention span, too...surely I COULD have learned. But I didn't. And so I haven't touched the yarn all year. Not until tonight...