More upcoming shows - come shop!

Tomorrow some friends and I will be "selling our wares" at a Bazaar and Bake Sale (link removed) at Parkwood Baptist Church. I've never been there, and so it's mighty convenient that setup is tonight. Then if I get a little turned around (it happens every now and then...) I'll have the trial run to sort out the best driving directions. This is the sale we were told about through a friend of a friend who discovered we had great stuff (okay, that's my plug, but surely that's what she thought, right?) and there was room for more variety. I'm thrilled to have a new outlet.

THEN on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week I'll be back at the Jamestown campus of GTCC for their annual Holiday Bazaar which is sponsored by their Student Life folks. Like the one held on that campus earlier this week, it's held on the ground floor of Medlin Campus Center. Unlike that one, it's smack out in the cafeteria so you can't help but see it if you happen to be dining in that day. We didn't get a lot of student traffic at the last one but this one usually does.

So if you're nearby and looking for neat fun stuff for your gift recipients (or yourself...don't forget you!!!) come by. I have been making stuff like a fiend.

But now I have to stop and go run some errands. Can't find my receipt book and need to replace it. Silly, time-consuming stuff like that.