Last minute packing

Since my friend is coming to take me to the airport at ten a.m. you'd think I would have packed a suitcase by now. It hasn't happened. Haven't even opened the thing. The laundry is mostly done, which is good, and I'm only going until Monday and so I don't have that much to pack, but there's always something that gets left behind, even on the short trips.

I'm flying to Pensacola, FL tomorrow and brother and Granddaddy will pick me up for the drive to Alabama  in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to it; it's been a while. And how glad I am not to be driving. That's a way too long trip, in my book.

I have no idea how often - if at all - I'll be blogging while I'm away but never fear...I'll be back with great stories. My Granddaddy is the best storyteller and maybe I'll have a good one from him to share. Until then, be safe and warm...