Icy days that change the rhythm

Why is it that although I no longer work for a college, having ice on the ground somehow gives me permission to move a little more slowly? I have plenty that needs to be accomplished, especially since I'm flying south tomorrow to spend the weekend with my Granddaddy (and brother and sister-in-law, too, a bit,) and need to do laundry. And of course there's the work on my list from the meeting with the web client yesterday. And the photography of those necklaces that needed to be online days ago.

But instead I'm watching a movie. It's a Woody Allen movie called Melinda and Melinda which is intriguing and a little offbeat and just the kind of entertainment I need. Regular readers will be pleased to know, at least, that I'm also writing my Christmas cards. Which means I'm doing what I need to be doing, for now.

The other stuff has to be done too, though, so hopefully when the movie is done I'll feel I've indulged myself enough. The ice will have melted and perhaps I'll return to a productive afternoon. Until then, it's sure nice to be cozy under a blanket with the lights from the Christmas tree and a quirky movie. Happy day to you too!