New porcelain pendants...steps one and two

Last night I formed about 10 new pendants using porcelain clay. And I didn't forget about them so that when they were "leather hard" I made the holes in them for the bail with a drill bit. They are all different, of course, as they always are, but there are two basic themes.

First, a simple flat group that has no design in texture. I'm thinking to do something really interesting with the surface with glazes, and so I needed a "blank canvas" of sorts. And then there's the group I made that has a piece from the Christmas tree pressed into the clay. When they've been fired in the bisque kiln and are ready for glazing, at least a few of them will be handled this way: I intend to coat the surfaces in varied shades of green glaze. Then when they're entirely dry, I'll remove all the glaze except for that which is in the indented design of the evergreen twig. Then I'll either coat the whole thing in a clear, or perhaps use a smidge of color...a pearl or even an earthy tone. Or who knows...I might be bold and try something completely off the wall.

No telling. But it was great to work with wet clay again and this morning's discovery that they are, indeed, still pretty, was gratifying. It'll be January before I fire them, so the plan is to continue to create pieces as time and inclination and inspiration permit, and then fire them all at once.

I'll keep you posted.