Wire and beads

105053-228413-thumbnail.jpgWell don't ask ME what it is! I sure don't know. I had an image in my mind and of course when that's paired with a strong urge to see if it can come out the way its imagined, there's nothing left to do but try your hand at the thing in the picture.

I wrapped three different gauges of copper wire, hammered some, used my own high-fired, unglazed ceramic beads interspersed with these little periwinkle-toned cathedral glass beads and a few other really earthy ones I don't know the name of (I usually keep better records, but these were bought retail in a funky bead shop and that's a sure sign I'm not always going to know the details I would otherwise have remembered,) and there you have it. What pleases me is the combination of colors and textures. What doesn't is the bent wire, reused kind of look. Overbent into something that looks like a novice made it. Ohhhh! A novice DID make it! Well okay, then.

Far too large to be used as a pendant, I had to show it to you anyway. The truth is, artists and designers have to do a looooot of wonky practice pieces before they come up with something useful and this is an example of such a piece. I'll likely set it aside as an example of "here's how far you've come" for one day years from now when I have improved upon my ability to wrap wire in a smooth and fluid manner.

Last night I found one of the first 5 necklaces I ever made using glass beads and a clay pendant, too. I considered, for just a moment, cutting it apart and making something truly nice from it, but there's no way. It's too comforting to realize, so tangibly, how far I've come in just the simple pieces. Need to keep those things around.