Benefits to setting a regular schedule

It occurs to me that the reason people set regular schedules is that they're helpful. If I know that I'm going to study new techniques for two hours every morning, and that I'm going to work in clay for 3 hours every afternoon and that I'm going to meet with clients for two hours in the middle of the day, and so on and so forth, then perhaps it would be a really useful way to keep myself on task.

Of course, I seem to have more than my share of errands to run. "Errands." That's anything that takes me out of the house/studio/office and is not a meeting with a client.

Yesterday's were fun. One in particular. I went to A&B Fixtures where business owners can purchase office supplies, retail display furniture, and so on and so forth. I like to buy jewelry display pieces from them and then see how I can make some of them better. Not better than they are for everyone else. They're perfected and serve the best purpose. But for me...for my booth. I found, for example, these little stands for hanging 10 pairs of earrings. Gorgeous! And they're "flocked" in a black velvet-looking material. Crisp, stark, professional looking. But what if I could get the same effect in copper mesh, or with the green velvet I use to cover my booth, or something else that fits in with the artistic sense my booth carries.

I'm not trying to be TOO different. Like going to a Laura Ashley-esque bridal shower dressed all in goth. Nothing so cliche and uber-needs-to-find-herself as that. But if I'm going to be selling jewelry at shows and festivals, and even in galleries, how can I make sure my work really pops? (If my sister ever read my blog, and she doesn't, she'd laugh a lot here...we have a joke about colors that "pop" which she says I wear but she does not, and which I discovered when I went shopping with her early on in her pregnancy. I digress...) I love using the black stands for presenting a single necklace I really want to highlight. The black works. But one of the things I'm really proud of is that people tell me my booths, AND more importantly my jewelry, is different from everyone else's and that they really stand out. The copper wire and mesh and such have become a great addition to my setup so I'm just looking for ways to incorporate that into my earring stands, too.

Over a year ago I built this great setup for earrings. It's in storage now and I haven't thought to use it this whole season. Too bad, too, because it was really great. I think I'll revisit that whole "contraption" and see how I can improve upon it. It's too difficult to tell you about it defies description this morning. I'm still complaining with my back and after a poor night's sleep it's less improved than I'd hoped. Worse, in fact. So forgive me if I don't tell you about it. But I'll try and photograph it when I figure out the best way to set it up.

Meanwhile, I have a bag of porcelain clay sitting in the kitchen sink where I added a little water to make the clay more workable; it had gotten hard while I wasn't looking. So maybe it's time to make some new pendants and beads today. I'll let you know! First, though, I'd better call and make sure my afternoon meeting's on.