Whiny morning

But I don't wANNNNA get up! I swear if I hadn't promised to do this show, I would not be out of bed. Yesterday kicked my butt. I've been awake since before 7, since I had to take an antacid. I recall that my Grandparents used to do the same thing on a regular basis. I can't handle the party food like I once could. But I ate tons of it yesterday and stayed up later than I should have and now I shall suffer.

Whine. A little more whining.

Now I've gotta' get over it and get that shower. Quick. Marcy won't be able to set up her booth until I arrive with the fabric. This great upholstery fabric my Mom gave me is the best thing for a really big booth setup. And it's in my storage unit. I've gotta' move.

Wish me luck. Read the last entry if you're interested in knowing more about what I'm talking about...where I'm going to be this morning. I'm far too lazy to add a link to it now...