The Christmas tree that took its time

Last Saturday night we bought a tree and set it up in its stand. Last night we put forty eleven thousand lights on it. This morning I think we'll hang the ornaments on it.

This has never happened before...for either of us. And I don't know if either of us have ever been this busy before, either.

It's a pretty tree. It's gonna' be prettier. There's one or two wonky spots but they're more than made up for by the beautifulness of the rest of it...full and nicely shaped.

I love Christmas trees. Usually, especially, my own.

Aside from that, I sat up until 1 watching What Not to Wear. I'm semi-addicted to the show. I would die a thousand deaths if those people showed up at my door. And I would also be thrilled to have the opportunity to have Stacey and Clinton take me shopping. Mostly, though, I'd die. Rather watch their show.

Now, though, I gotta' wake up and go have coffee so the tree can be decorated. Today holds lots of chores. Hope your day is great too. Cheers!