Today's new, fun designs

105053-221274-thumbnail.jpgI love the necklaces I've made today so far. They've taken forever and I'm trying to figure out why it took so long. Usually I get sooooo much done in a day and look back over the day's accomplishments thinking "man, that's pretty good!" Today, not so much.

Although, in hindsight, I have received 3 phonecalls, and made 3 pairs of earrings. That still doesn't seem like enough. I'm sure the next hour will be more productive. Surely!

These necklaces are fun for so many reasons. Of course the pendant/bead part is105053-221271-thumbnail.jpg handmade by moi, of clay, and high fired without glaze. And the dangly parts, while time-consuming to create, are so much fun. The beads are a mixture of glass and semi-precious stones that include garnet, teeniny peridot, turquoise, I THINK iolite, (I'm still not very good with gem identification, although I know I'll learn 'em one day,) crystal quartz and pearls. Fun, funner, funnest.

Saturday's sale is looming, especially since I have great fun plans tonight, and still have to work on some web stuff too, and it took a while to get the photos to a semi-presentable place so I can put them online. but by Saturday I hope to have several more charming pieces available so I'll be pleased with my booth. Sigh. Breathe. It'll all work out...always does.