Jewelry Sales

Yesterday ended up being just as good for me as the day before and I'm so grateful. You may recall, avid reader (hey, I've got one or two!) that I spent a couple of weeks NOT working, not so long ago. Toronto didn't pay me, and so it's important that I work doubly hard (and smart) as a result of this randomly-timed vacation.

I'll tell you something else that came out of this sale, too. Through word of mouth (as is usually the case with these things,) I learned of another sale that's coming up this weekend. It's at a church, which I've never done before, and a few of my friends and I are going to just keep our things nicely packed up and take them over and set them up tomorrow night for selling on Saturday morning. I'll have to get a little more information on the location and such so I can promote it a little better here.

Today I will make more necklaces and earrings and maybe even little beaded keyrings which can be great stocking stuffers, I've learned, so that I'll have a more well-rounded supply of inventory. Because, as is often the case, I sold some of my better pieces and want to have a good representation of what I can do besides just string beads.

There's web stuff to be dealt with, too, but one thing at a time. Shall finish the emails and throw in a pile o'laundry then get going on the creating. Happy Happy to you!!!