I gotta' get out more

If you looked at my schedule, you'd see a lot of lists of things that can be done "in house" and the tiniest bit more by running out to the local art/craft supply store and to the post office. Tonight was a big, huge night for me. (Wry...very wry smile.) I attended two events in one evening. Not a festival at which I was selling my "stuff" but two bona-fide events at which I would be given the option of seeing colleagues and contemporaries and friends AND perhaps even hearing some good tunes and drinking a sip or three of good wine.

Dena Harris (friend and colleague) had her book launching party for Lessons in Stalking, (for which I built her website, it must be said,) at The Green Bean, one of the more delicious coffee shops in town, and just down the street at Two Art Chicks hosted an opening for The Carolina Clay Guild, of which I am sometimes a member (not currently, but give me a day or two...I think I'm about to re-join; tonight did it for me...was an excellent reminder of why I used to be...) These events were hosted simultaneously about 3 or 4 blocks apart and going downtown to Elm Street reminded me of why I used to love living in downtown Greensboro. I don't, now, and it's not that I wish I still did...I love my current 'digs"...I just remember the days of living slightly "off Elm street" very fondly.

Just searching for parking was an adventure. It reminded me that this town is growing. Then I found a parking space. Locking my car and then walking, a woman by herself with a purse and a cell phone, a block or more to her destination, lends a certain edge to the night. Is it safe? Is there someone nearby that would do harm or is this city totally harmless? How's a woman to know? Later on, leaving Dena's "do" (loved her "do"...and did I mention she had excellent live music, by Gregory Alan, most ambient, so perfect for the evening,) and walking to the pottery opening, I remembered the earlier questions. It SEEEEEEMS safe. Why am I asking these questions? Wouldn't I be a fool not to? Some cities allow people to walk alone without asking these questions. This may or may not be such a city.

Yea. I gotta' get out more.

I was pleased to be greeted by Judy, proprieter of Two Art Chicks, soon after arriving. She admired my necklace. Perhaps she might wish to represent me there? (It had to be asked; you'll understand. It's a really nice gallery. There's a lot of variety. Local fare. Why don't I have my stuff there already? I did once...a few years back when I participated in a version of what I attended tonight. Yea, I really should take her some of my "stuff." Maybe I'll add it to the "to do list." Right after I finish the sales I'm doing. Did I mention Tuesday and Wednesday's sales? No. Prolly not. It came up this afternoon. More on that later. I need to start a show schedule, don't I?

There's more. But more for tomorrow. Tonight is creeping along, time passing...I'll check in again later. Promise. G'nite. Go to bed already... Really. It's long overdue....