Bigger City = Less Free Time

It's actually not a complaint at all. I just find that with everything so spread out, an awful lot of time is spent in a traffic. Looooootta traffic, lemme tell you.

I've been downtown to some really neat areas with coffee shops and bead stores and fabric stores all butted up against not only those great little cafes you might expect to see in a honkin' city but also Burger King and other chains. Totally different recipe for a city block here than at home.

I've discovered some neat coffee chains that are yummy, in addition to the Starbucks you'd expect to see. Tim Horton's is huuuuge here, and there are about a jillion others I'll mention later. When I'm not sitting in a library with someone hovering nearby waiting to swoop down and take my seat the second I leave. It's a huge library, too. Things seem just somehow bigger.

What else can I tell you? I don't know. There's been mostly just the running around taking care of errands with my friend who has been away for a long time. The bona fide sightseeing will begin in a couple of days. I actually have to go back down to the border to finalize the resolution of this immigration issue that heralded my arrival into this city. Gonna' go tonight. As soon as I hit save. Now that rush hour traffic is supposedly over. I don't necessarily think that's the case but that's what I'm told. Anyway, I'll be taking some nice photos of Niagra Falls which didn't happen the first time around. After I finish the immigration thing. (They want to see my plane ticket, proof that I'm really leaving. Hmph. I'm sure there's another lesson in this. Always looking for lessons...they're everywhere.)

Sigh. Talk about your adventures!

Hope everyone's doing great. I haven't made the phone calls I expected to make - cell phone roaming is not your friend, see. But I'm fine and really enjoying the city and aside from the fact that this computer somehow renders my blog entry one line at a time which is vastly annoying (can't see what I'm's a long skinny box and I'm thinking "why is this?" and will offer up apologies 'cause I can't really proof my writing with any sense of confidence as I usually can...) I'm actually quite pleased to be here. And will hopefully write something more interesting sometime soon. And maybe even post those promised photos.

Happy Trails to Niagra...