I've been here since late, late Friday night or early, early Saturday morning, your choice. I'd love to say my trip was glorious and uneventful. It was...until I reached the border. Then I had myself a little adventure with the immigration and customs folks. Since I drove here in a favorite car with 75% of all the worldly possessions belonging to the car's owner in tow, it didn't really matter what I said or showed them. They were more than a little convinced that I was trying to move on in.

Perhaps it's common...I wouldn't know. But why would someone move to a place without ever seeing it first? I suppose there'd be a slew of answers that could make a lot of sense. Just not in my reality. So I had an adventure, and I can't say it was a lot of fun, but several hours later I had worked out something that was agreeable to everyone and I'm here.

Yesterday was rainy and today is windy, but I'm a little dork...I just love being "somewhere else." It's great to just walk down a street in a city you've never been to before. It's excellent to see the similarities and differences. And how wonderful the true diversity I've observed in this little space of time. Very much more so than anything I've encountered thus-far.

I'm sure I'll have plenty more to tell you but I'm still catching up on my sleep and seeing new sights. Until then, if the guy in the Starbucks (yea, some things are pretty constant,) who loved my necklace and took my business card reads this, hi there. And thanks again, bunches, for the compliment. That was very much cool. There's one more vote for "make some more and sell 'em." So when I get home, I think I'll take you up on it.