Old haunts and the people who work there

Not a haunt, really, but my former place of employment. I went there yesterday to drop off about a jillion dollars worth of my necklace inventory and display material. Having worked at a college that sometimes hosts conferences of this or that type, I was fortunate enough to be turned onto the fact that one such conference and the planners thereof had elected to invite a few vendors. Book ones and ones that sold fun stuff. That'd be me!

BUT since I'm getting ready for this trip, I wasn't going to be able to participate. Good for me that some of my friends are and they're also willing to set up my jewelry, and even sell it for me if anybody wants something I'm offering.

So I dropped all this stuff off in a friend's office and got to see my old team. Well, what's left of it. One has left, and there's a new guy in the office that used to be mine. Nice, though. They clearly adore him and he really is quite great to talk to. I suspect you might even say balanced. That could never be a bad addition to the mix, let me tell ya...

I digress. So I was dropping off my stuff, and even made a few sales right up front. From friends pawing through baskets to get the first view. Hopefully that'll be an indicator of things to come. I'd really love that. 'Cause it's all well and good to sit around making necklaces for fun all the time. If nobody buys 'em, you don't pay the bills, and you don't get to buy stuff to make more. So I sold a few already and got the pleasure of seeing all those smiley faces and hear the kind words.

While I sat there hearing the oohs and aahs, I told them it was refreshing. In my new office, it's just "me & th'cats." And they don't like me all that much. Somebody said, "Aaaw! I thought they did by now!" Ha. Just because I blogged one day about the rare occurrence of having cats sprawled over my legs while I watched TV doesn't mean a single thing toward evidence that they like me. But my former co-workers do. And that's nice. Most of 'em. There's this one woman who works there. Really, just a single, solitary woman, whom I always got a feeling really quite disapproved of me. Actually, I'm pretty sure. She walked by when I was there, and I got the same old smile I always got. Not the kind of smile you'd necessarily ask for if you wanted friendliness. The kind of smile I hope I don't give others. I decided years ago not to worry about this woman's attitude. She doesn't like herself or her life, and it's got nothing to do with me. But everyone ELSE I saw was thrilled to see me and that was great.

So maybe I should visit once a month. It's great to see people and it also feels good to know you're missed.

Meanwhile, I have a list waiting for me. The same list as before, only it's grown a bit. Better get on it. Have a great day!