A good day for jewelry...

When I am queen of the world, I will have (kindly treated and well paid) employees to set up and break down my shows. If I have to do shows at all. I love making displays, though, so I'll have these minions do something along these lines, just so I can see how cool my work looks when it's on display. I have a long way to go until my display is just like I want it, but the addition of that copper wire thingie was a huge great idea and I'm thrilled to still have it.

In other news, I sold several pieces today and was so inspired by the oohs and aahs and sales of these pieces that were well received that I came home and started making just a few other pieces. Kinda' tired and so I don't know if I'll make many but even just a little bit more is better than no bits more, since tomorrow is the second day of the show and who knows what people will want, right?

I'm thrilled to report that my little tiny hole punch (the same hole punch of last night's tantrum) was indeed in the car thereby making it possible for me to make those little black tent cards for holding some of the earrings. Suuuuuuch a better idea to put earrings on display with a black background. They stand out so much better than in the little storage baggies.

How cool it was to run into so many of my former co-workers. I had almost forgotten how much goodwill and warm fuzzy luv I have from so many of the people I ran into today. It was the best. I was a huggin' fool. Hope to get just as many of the same tomorrow. Love hugs.

Sap! Better go return that phonecall and finish making this necklace I've been working on forever... If you're reading this and you're within driving distance, come by tomorrow and see our stuff. It's time to do some shopping for all those gifts you've gotta' give. Might as well buy things handmade by really nice people!