I know it's a good idea to "release" stuff when it's giving me more frustration than positive vibes. And it's not that I want to feel frustrated. I just want to find my lost tiny cool hole puncher thingie. Really, really badly. I've made a jillion pairs of earrings and I drove all the way to the store tonight to buy a specific kind of card stock to make these little tent cards with my logo to be glued onto them (from the ruined business cards the printer gave me with my correct order) and with teenie tiny holes punched in them for the earrings to hang through. Ever so perfectly round holes.

My hole punch is nowhere to be found. I have torn this room apart and in my mind I can SEEEE it where it was. Only it's not there.

Sure, I should have been long past stuff like this by now. I'm to be in the room setting up by 7:30 tomorrow morning. But I had a great new inspiration tonight and just had to make a whole new kind of thing. It's cool, too. And so I have three new thingies (I'll say what they are after I've shown them off in my booth, first,) to sell which took forever to make and I'm not ready to go 'cause I can't find my hole puncher!

I often blame stuff like this (indirectly, for sure, but still,) on the A.D.D. If I weren't so distracted by forty eleven thousand things all the time perhaps I could keep things organized and in a place where I can find them. Then again, I did just move all my stuff into storage (can you say "climate control"? which I did not spring for and which I'd always associated with hot and cold rather than damp until I drove there this evening after all this fog, to pick up something for tomorrow, and noticed a certain dampness inside which was somewhat alarmig,) and just a little bit of it's here. So maybe that's where it is. But it should be here with me. Over there in that basket with other similar tools.

At least I found 3 quarters in a pottery cup. That was a ttreat.

I still want my holepunch. Maybe I'll just go to bed instead...