New website for me

In the middle of far too many things on my plate, one of the things I did when I got home from Toronto and was half napping all the time, was sit down and start trying to create a new set of graphics for my website. As is my customer, I've grown tired of this design. And since Squarespace allows users to make so many changes with seeming ease, really all I have to do is manage designs and templates, they do the rest.

I thought of this now and realized I'm not sure there's a soul who knows a thing about this. I don't think I said, "Hey I think I'll redesign my website." I just realized it was boring me and annoying me too, and started playing with graphics.

I didn't like the results of my first rounds and I had an appointment so I didn't resume it. But just now I looked at it again and thought "eek...I need a new website." Which reminded me to tell you this.

Perhaps you've also picked up on the fact that I stopped taking A.D.D. meds a while back? :) Wry, wry smile. I won't get into those reasons here.

Changing my website's design is as much a compulsion to me as moving the furniture around every month or so. Do you do that? I've done it forever, and my mother before me. We need freshness, I suppose. So no promises of when this is coming, but don't be surprised when it does. Frankly the changes I have in mind are hopefully much superior and more than just something to placate my boredom. We'll see!