Language is king

Since insomnia hasn't really returned but has started to make tiny little peeks into my life, I'm spending more time than I'd like lying in bed thinking about the most random things.

This morning, I thought - after far too long for my happiness - I'd get up and write for a bit then see if I can't sleep for a bit. I was up until midnight (the necklace I made late last night is really very much excellent) and that's just not quite enough sleep for my happiness.

The way we say the things we say is one thing I was thinking about this morning. "I stole it." For example sounds very different, indeed, than "I appropriated it for my own use and enjoyment." The latter is highly preferable in my book. I learned that phrase from my sister. When she was in grad school, she was helping to archive photocopies of some historical legal documents. That phrase came up on a regular basis and we loved it. "She appropriated it for her own use and enjoyment but now I'd like it back." Not, perhaps, exactly how it was recorded but that's the gist. We began using this phrase for our own amusement and it stuck, rather as a little inside sister joke a few of my friends (and now a few more and perhaps another random blog reader or two,) know about and enjoy with us.

The earrings I made this week are a lot of fun, in my book, but the copper ones are my favorite. The ones in the photo from yesterday: the first ones, the ones that are fairly rectangular pieces of hammered copper with three hammered paddles of sterling, curved ever so perfectly...those were my favorite ones. Say it with me: "I appropriated them for my own use and enjoyment."

Still makes me giggle. I think I'm going to try sleep for a little while longer before I finish making today's to do list. Wish me luck. Or good fortune. Or something...anything to do with healthy sleep.