Up early - brain overload

It happens this way, sometimes. This overload of the brain. Something attaches itself to your sleeping mind's attention (in this case, the dripping outside the window...it's rained a lot in 24 hours) and then you're awake. Unavoidably, irritatingly awake. Your mind starts to cycle through the upcoming week's tasks. The fun ones and - more often - the mundane ones. You roll over. And maybe pull the covers over your head.

Didn't work. I fought it and that fight was one I lost. But eventually something in my mind stopped on the image of a new jewelry design I want to try and I latched on. Hey. This could be fun. And I think it would be a big hit with the customers, too! Hmmmm.

To prove my commitment to starting the day off strong, I've already showered. (It's true. Some freelancers maintain a tight ship. They manage their schedules just like their counterparts who loyally return to outside offices every day. I'm not one of those people. I tend to get started straight away in my jammies, and deal with the showering duties on my "morning break." But today I was bold. Such a move increases my productivity. The mere thought of all I want to accomplish is tempered by this fresh clean feeling and the awareness that I can move through the morning uninterrupted by having to watch the clock to work in a shower before my meetings which aren't happening here.

I'm gleeful at the thought of these new earrings I made and the ones I'm going to make. And the necklace designs I have "up my sleeve," too. The bracelets too.

There's only one thing that pulled me up short. And got me out of bed. I promised to bring my pottery wheel to the shows next week. Providing demonstrations to our festival visitors will be a huge boost to the enjoyment factor. Thing is, I haven't touched my wheel in months. And before that, it may have been well over a year. I need to practice. And then work out the details of transporting the honkin' thing. It's heavy, see. Reeeeeally heavy.

So I got up and when there's coffee to spur me on, I'm anticipating a full day. Just how I like 'em.