La la la, le le leeeeee - new earring design worked!

105053-215566-thumbnail.jpgI'll admit it. I'm really proud of this latest couple of designs and think they're better than I even imagined them this morning when I woke up. Sharing photos because several of my repeat customers check my website periodically...I want to share a taste of what's coming. These hammered copper and sterling earrings - and more in the same "design family" - will be available for your holiday shopping pleasure.

Remember the guy on The A Team? "I love it when a plan comes together. Was that the105053-215568-thumbnail.jpg guy they called "Face" or the George Pepard character? I can't recall, but so do I. Anyway, in case it's not obvious, you should be able to click on the images to see a slightly larger version.

I'm back to making necklaces again right now because my fingers hurt a little. I find that hammering metal is fine except for when I slip and get a finger in the way. And shaping wire that's labeled "full hard" (which means its tempered and holds its shape like nobody's business) is just that...full hard. I'm going to have to order some more silver jump rings right now so I don't have to keep making those from scratch. I'd rather only form wire that's an integral part of the design, not necessarily those that hold the whole mechanism together.

Live and learn.