Time to make the earrings...

With another sale coming up a week from tomorrow, and the day afterward, I've spent a lot of time thinking about my display. As is my custom. And although I have tons of necklaces to display and hopefully to sell, something I'm sorely lacking is an inventory of earrings. Which my customers often ask for. Why I'm deficient in that area I can't explain, only that everything for me comes in waves.

But today, once I run some errands this "morning" (which is slipping away from me awfully fast for my taste,) I'm going to come home and get cozy and make a honkin' pile of earrings. For my sale next week and also for the customers who call me up and ask "Whatcha' got?"  With the holidays so close around the corner, this is one of those times it behooves me to have a nice variety.

My plan is to make several kinds. Simple wire ones. Slightly less simple wire ones. Simple bead ones. Fancy bead ones. Some with both wire and beads. Who knows, really? But if I have a selection to complement some of the simple beaded necklaces I've made, along with some that have nothing to do with the necklaces but which might go nicely with many different outfits, I should be okay. And my customers should be pleased.

And THEN I'm gonna' make some bracelets. Can't wait to tell you about those.