First morning home...

So I just woke up... with a headache but fine thoughts about the upcoming weeks. I have a jillion jewelry designs bounding through my head that I want to take the time to try out, and have ordered my first pack of Art Clay. Similar to PMC (Precious Metal Clay) this substance feels like clay and is molded like clay, but once it's fired, all that's left is fine silver. Imagine! So I'll be trying that out as soon as I'm brave enough. Until then, I need to find some porcelain. I don't know if there's a little bag of it down in the garage or if I'm gonna' have to go to storage. But since I've gotta' do that anyway, it doesn't matter.

Lunch with friends today will be fun, and afterwards I'll stop by and check my post office box, where the bulk of my mail now comes. Until then I think I'll just continue waking up a bit more in this Grace Kelly book that I didn't want to leave behind and so elected to bring home with me (Yes, I'll return it, really,) then make a smoothie for breakfast and if I didn't forget my athletic shoes, maybe even take a walk. That'd be a novelty!)

And in a few days I get to see my Mommy and Daddy! All in all, it's gonna' be a good week.