Snow for my last day in Toronto!

105053-213056-thumbnail.jpgNope. I'm not kidding. I'd known there would be snow in neighboring (read further north) towns while I was here, but it didn't really occur to me that I would get to see it in Toronto before I left. The weather was just a little too nice...on the nice imagine snow.

So I needed to experience the subway while I was here and that meant a little105053-213058-thumbnail.jpg excursion today. Fun, since subways are neat to those of us who don't often ride them. And when we came outside a few hours later, there was the snow...all pretty and white. And cold and wet. But I have no complaints. There's likely not any of this stuff at home where I'm going tomorrow. Hopefully it won't continue throughout the night. We have to leave really early tomorrow and it'll be cool NOT to have to scrape off the windows before anybody's awake.