Last day in Toronto

I'm leaving to return home to the states eaaaarrrrrly in the morning. So I have less than 24 hours here. Bittersweet feelings...that's typical, right? But as is also typical, I have a very full day to keep me distracted and so I'll try to just keep myself busy so I can enjoy it right up to the end. Even have to do a little laundry before I pack. Better not to travel with dirty clothes.

Then tomorrow or soon thereafter, I'm sure to return to my reports on jewelry making and preparation for the upcoming two day sale. Just after Thanksgiving I'm participating in one, and so the days that lead up to this selling extravaganza (tee hee) will be focused on finishing up the two nearly-complete websites and making a ton of stuff. Earrings, actually. I need to make more earrings.

But not now. Now I shall pour my first cup of coffee and download the photos I took yesterday when I came out into a chilly parking lot and found little bits of snow all over a few of the cars. Glee and happiness!