The Distillery Historic District

distillerydisthome.jpgIf I had left this city without first discovering the Distillery Historic District, and found out about it later, I would have been exceedingly disappointed. My friend who has been living in the US didn't know about it, and was surprised at the little gem I discovered. Pleasantly so.

If I weren't feeling so lazy this morning, I'd get the camera and pull the photos I took so you can see what I saw. The images on their website, however, are expansive and you'll get the gist. But let me paint my scene for you:

We park and pay, and look down the street to discover we've found it. (Going from a map I printed from the Internet.) We walk until we see a massive expanse of brick road spanning between all these buildings. We're headed for building number 56, Distill Gallery, which was exactly what I'd hoped for when I searched for something unique to see. Approaching the outermost building, I realized this was not going to be just a quick visit to a potentially cool shop. This whole area begged to be explored. The wind blew. Occasionally hard. I wrapped my extra-long scarf around my neck a little tighter (thank you's the warmest one I have...good Christmas gift!) since it's been known to get away from me up here. I'm happy in my boots and new, red suede gloves.

When I first peek into the door of the gallery, I giggle. It's so cool! A little smaller than I'd imagined, but then things often are. There was a lot of stuff in that little space, and they have an upstairs too. Toronto is, I'm discovering, often great with economy of space. Making the most of what's available.

Y'know what? My breakfast is ready. I'm gonna' leave you with that little tidbit and next entry around I'll tell you more. Until then, check out their websites. You'll see a sliver of what got me all excited.