Even going for an ordinary walk...

105053-209249-thumbnail.jpgJust the simple task of going for an ordinary walk when you're traveling seems more fun. I just took a nice brisk walk in the early Sunday evening air and was somehow convinced it was going to be cold. It WAS windy, as I'd anticipated, but not cold at all. Just cool and crisp. Things close down for the most part, here on Sunday, and so there wasn't a lot to see, business-wise, but I now know how to get to the Subway station (and, therefore, an entrance into this underground city that so intrigues me,) an Anglican church, forty coffee shops, a paper shop, several gift shops that would only be improved if they carried my necklace designs, and a lot of interesting looking people...and dogs.

Taking a break from all the touristy sight-seeing, I've actually started reading a book I found in this105053-209246-thumbnail.jpg building's atrium library. The photo I'll insert here was taken in the atrium itself ("atrium proper," tee hee,) and you'll notice, if you look carefully, that the stream that runs from the fountain also runs right under the stairs. I walked over a little fish yesterday on my way back up to the apartment, having picked out a couple of movies and a book (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid and Roman Holiday, then a biography of Grace Kelly,) and almost tripped it caught me so much off guard. I didn't want to step on the fish and my mind played a little trick on me. It's not every day I walk over water on the stairs, y'know? Anyway, it's all very charming and friendly and otherworldly in a small, indescribable way, although I know I'm just in another (albeit huge) North American city.

Hope all of you are well and I'll try and write more soon. Ta ta!