Side trips in Canada

105053-208411-thumbnail.jpgWhen I planned this trip, I didn't really plan much at all. Which is to say I said "I'm going to Canada to see my friend who is moving back there from the US and drive a carload of his things that were in the US," and that was about it. There was no research of my own, aside from asking "So what's High Park like? And Mississauga? Why do you like that area?" So I wasn't the usual somewhat reasonable, thinking woman. I didn't read up on little things I know I should have. And so in some ways it's been interesting in ways I can't even explain.

Some elements here are exactly the same as what I know and others are quite different. English and French directions are provided on everything, and it's natural to hear both spoken. Television channels might be in either. A foreign film I came across was subtitled, but in French...eventually I realized it was time to change the channel. :)

I also didn't really think about Niagra Falls that much, although I suppose I thought I'd go. My Mom loved that area during a trip there before I was born, and spoke of it throughout my childhood. So we went, and I took amazing photos. Especially of the rainbow at the Rainbow Bridge which I didn't even know was called that before I took it. See, no research at all. I got nuthin. But it was a gorgeous, brisk day with a great and happy need for the scarf and gloves I fortunately wore.

Now, back in Toronto and finally settled with immigration concerns and side travels (for now, anyway) I'm looking forward to seeing the meat of the city from somewhere besides a car. It's just gorgeous here. Treelined streets with those fall leaves that didn't all fall down before I got here, access to town and subway but also such a nice feeling of safety. I can't tell you how many women I saw walking alone down the neighboring streets last night, late. People don't actually walk this much where I live, in the first place. And women walking alone is really not considered a good idea. I find this remarkably refreshing. Not that I'm gonna embark out on my own. I'd still get lost.

Time for coffee and a peek out the windows to see if I can get a good photo.