Well, now that that's behind me!

Lazy, that is. Was. I'm not feeling lazy at all. In fact, mightily motivated. I won't bore you with the to-do list, but let's just say I've got a long one. Mostly it revolves around getting my necklace inventory ready for two upcoming shows where people may want to "buy my stuff," and packing for a drive to Toronto. I've alluded to it for a while, but some things had to be taken care of first, and they're moving along now.

So I'm packing and calling clients and wrapping up vital tasks and feeling frankly very motivated today.

To ensure I didn't lose any of my momentum, I went down to the stereo and put in a great gaggle of cd's. Lots of soundtracks and mixes. Many of which include songs originally recorded in the eighties. You're either loving it or thinking "aargh, what is she thinking?" Well, folks, eighties music is exactly what I need to keep me moving. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Knack, Berlin...'member? Of course you do... all music makes a resurgence and we've had ours too.

Anyway, if I'm gonna' get this all done, I can't sit and write about it. But hopefully my entries will be more interesting in the coming days...week or so. I've never been to Toronto and so I'm anticipating seeing a lot of neat stuff. I wonder if that ceramics museum is back open? Anybody notice, lately, that many, many of the big museums around this are of the world have been closed for renovation in the past year or so? Or at least certain ones I or my friends have been interested in seeing. We'll see about this one. I'll try to remember and report back when I take a sit-down-and-do-some-research break.

And I'll tell you about scanning necklaces for posting online, too. That's always a joy and delight, lemme' tell you. But I think I had a breakthrough. We'll see!

Say bye, Melody. They stopped reading already... Can't write anything.