More dreams about the move

How odd. I've been out of the house for a while now. But the dream I had last night was apparently uninformed about this. Dreamed I was hiring a guy to come handle the yard and it got out of hand. He ended up needing to do my back lawn, front lawn (which was much larger in the dream,) and the neighbors' too. For which I was also financially responsible. At one point he came to me and assured me that he would need to hire someone to help him move a piece of furniture that was inside the house. Which turned the whole theme toward him having been hired to do far more than the lawn.

I set him straight, but not enough apparently. His final bill was something like $1900+ and I wasn't objecting. Well, in my mind I was objecting, but the thought was "well I gotta' pay him; what else will I do?"

But then I was getting everything in order for the people who own the house and one of my jobs was to organize these photographs that included their family, myself and lots of friends...little groupings of photos. And before long I was organizing them on an overhead projector, and in the mix were these topless photos from college (which in reality most certainly don't exist but in the dream...yea, you guessed it. Normal as anything.) Another friend was there with me asking "are you really going to leave every single one?" She wasn't objecting to the topless ones, oh no. That was somehow fairly normal in this dream. She was objecting to the fact that there were thousands of them.

Sometimes the moment you awake from a dream that seems never to want to end, and you realize that really and truly you're not going to have to live one more second of a situation, is the best moment I can imagine. It was golden.

And that headache I had in my left temple yestereday? It's back. People are always saying "It's the weather front." Maybe they're right. What do I know? There is, after all, a weather front. The rain dripping on the new gutters woke me once or twice. Now it's nice and hazy.

A good day to get caught up on some organizing and make a whole, whole bunch of stuff with clay. After, that is, I take something for this headache.