Well now. It seems I was wrong. Again!

All smug and proud of myself. Yea, that was me when I went to bed last night. Seems I wasn't sleepy at 12:30 when I actually closed my eyes, so I lay there replaying the day in my head. For a long, loooong time. And so when I recalled that the Internet had returned to its rightful place - on my computer that is - I was really, really pleased.

And still felt excited to log on again this morning when I got up.


"Connecting to www.thetalkon19th.com," reads the little indicator at the lower lefthand side of my screen. Still connecting... Why is it still connecting? It's supposed to pop up to the page I've set. Immediately. Like it did when I went to bed last night.

I was wrong about what caused this error. I'd downloaded, of all things, Yahoo Messenger. Friend had asked me to and I'd felt accommodating. Sometimes I do. So I'd actually IMmed for a while on Friday and then when the Internet was suddenly unavailable to me, of course that was my culprit.

Well, now we have to figure out what else. You know how some programs update themselves pretty regularly. Your windows system itself...your internet security package. It's a little aggressive, in my mind, if your security package won't even let your friends past the door. Wouldn't you agree?

So don't even think I'm taking the time this morning to work that out. I performed the same old system restore as before and things are back just like they were. And will remain for a time. Hopefully it won't be too hard to work out the apparent conflict of interest that my little security dude seems to have with my browsers. If not, I guess I can always restore my system again. And again...