Calling in lazy

Some days you just want to roll over and pull the cover back over your eyes. And keep that general attitude throughout the day, too. Like today, for example.

Yea, I'm working. In fact, I'm working pretty well. On a website I was supposed to work on this weekend until the weekend got in the way. You know how that gets. You think you've got all this time, right? 'Cause it's not Monday thru Friday and those days are given to you to do as you wish. Hmph. My weekends are about a jillion times busier and more demanding than the weekdays. And no, I'm not patting myself for having a social calendar to die for. I'm long past the years when we thought we had to completely fill up our nights and days with a rush of neverending parties and gatherings and dinners and dates to be cool. Although I do have as many of those as I can handle, too. It's not that.

Weekends, see, are also filled with laundry and cleaning, with lazy morning coffee sessions, and reading, errands and one nicely cooked meal, if I'm lucky, research I've put off, and more beads than I knew I had. I've been a beading fiend lately. Which is cool since I don't know how much time I'll have for it when I go on my trip. (Yea, the trip is still not nailed down, although I think I'll know more soonish.)

Anyway, all that to say I didn't do the web work I promised so now I'm doing it and when I'm done with that I'll get more of these necklaces photographed. Or scanned. I'd forgotten that technique for keeping a pristine, white background...good for simplicity and consistency, y'know?

So all that to say if I were a less mature and responsible woman I would so be stretched out on the sofa or sitting in the lawn with a good book. 'Cause I'm not feeling particularly responsible today.

Actually, I don't know quite what all I was gonna' say. I took a long phone call in there somewhere and now I don't want to write anymore. And I just remembered I was supposed to call a different client back. Sheesh. Lists, Melody. To Do Lists are good. Remember?