When your computer has a glitch you can't figure out

Avoidance behavior is a good thing. Really. It's good when you have a backup plan. You can't figure out why your computer will suddenly not access the Internet although email seems to be no problem? Well, some people will sit and work at it until figuring out the problem.

Me, I have the distraction of clay. There are a lot of sales in my near future. Ones in which I'll have a booth for selling "my stuff." So clay needs to be getting my attention, see.

'Cept I also have web clients who need my attention as well.

Why won't my panuner access the Internet, you may ask. You got me. I do know of one thing I downloaded on Friday and that's roughly when it started acting up. But I've removed that program, as well as the ones I think were associated with it. I've changed the cable. I've rebooted ad nauseum. And run a system cleanup thingie. Now I'm defragging.

Beyond that, I'm making some way cool stuff with clay. And trying to figure out if it's not time to cut off all my fingernails (like I usually do when I'm really into clay) or let 'em grow long and pretty. I like having pretty, girly hands. They're so nice! But as an artist I usually let that go. Sometimes, like now, I struggle with it. THought I'd mention it. Since that little moonsliver of clay that got caught under my fingernail just caught my attention and made me think "ugh" since I thought my hands were all clean before I started typing. On Jan's computer, of course. Since MINE WON'T LET ME ACCESS THE INTERNET.