Deadlines help, eh?

Are you one of those people, too, who only seems to produce as much as you need to if you keep your plate full? And not only that, but it's even more productive in your world if you commit to meet x number of people, and you also agree to take care of certain things by a deadline? Well good for both of us. I'm thinking all of a sudden, today, of a certain group of things that have got to be done. By a certain time.

I'm walking through the house, even, noticeably faster, my hands are moving quickly, I dawdle less. Amazing. Keep yourself on your toes by, well, keeping yourself on your toes while somebody else is watching. Or at least promising to check in.

That said, I'm meeting friends and former colleagues for lunch in a bit, then going to take care of some pressing matters, then returning here to take care of more and then a client is dropping by photos and looking at what I've accomplished since our last meeting. All in all, it should be a full, highly-productive day.

And I finished another necklace this morning, met another deadline, and finished a load of laundry. Not a bad start. But I still need to make the second block of time even more meaningful. More later! When I'll tell you about my developing relationship with the cats who lived here first...